Project Loving Care


Project Loving Care PLC is a child sponsorship program that caters to the distressed orphans and disadvantaged children in Palestine. Sponsorship is administered through established, registered, reputable, and well recognized charitable institutions in Palestine. Some examples of such entities are:

Inash El-Usra in Ramallah

Saraya Center in Jerusalem

Hebron Orphan Girls at HICS

Dar Al-yateem Alarabi in Tulkarm

Almustaqbal Society Against Violence in Gaza

At the end of 2014, this program will have 365 sponsored children. Sponsorship is only $500 per year ($1.36 a day) per child or orphan. The funds distributed to the children through these institutions in increments of $100 per quarter, along with a $50 gift or eidieh on each Eid (Fitr and Adha) to each sponsored child.

PLC-P sponsorship is only a helping hand – for most it is the only one – to help provide food, clothing, and school supplies these children desperately need to improve their lives. Unfortunately, the continued Israeli military occupation causes an increase in the numbers of these unfortunate children almost daily.  However, thanks to the fortitude of this program, these children and orphans in Palestine are given a sliver of hope and that someone out there cares about them.

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